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Tropical oils and fats

Refined Bleached Deodorized

(RBD) Coconut oil

Coconut oil.jpg

Healthy choice

RBD Coconut Oil originates from the seeds of Coconuts produced using dried whole coconut (Copra). RBD coconut oil is mainly used in food industry. During the refining process color, taste and odor profiles are removed via natural means, making it the ideal choice for different food applications without compromising the taste and odor of desired product.

Refined Bleached Deodorized

(RBD) Palm oil

Commercial palm oil cultivation. Since p

Driving engine

Being one of the most widely used vegetable oils in the world, palm oil is an extremely versatile oil that has many different properties and functions which makes it so useful and so widely used. It is semi-solid at room temperature so can keep spreads spreadable; it is resistant to oxidation and so can give products a longer shelf-life; it’s stable at high temperatures and so helps to give fried products a crispy and crunchy texture.

Refined Bleached Deodorized

(RBD) Shea butter

Shea butter.jpg

New alternative

Shea butter is a natural plant-based oil that's solid at room temperature. In it's refined form it is odorless and white in appearance fat. Refined shea butter is becoming a very popular alternative to palm oil in food industry. It is as well one of the main ingredients used in production of cocoa butter equivalents.

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Virgin coconut oil

Conventional or organic


Natural in it's nature

Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts and is becoming a popular choice for food and skincare applications. It's medium chain triglyceride composition makes it unique between other oils an fats and it is considered one of the most healthy fats for human consumption.

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Cocoa products

Natural cocoa mass (liquor)

Chunk of Chocolates

Natural indulgence

As a main component of real chocolate, cocoa liquor is made of cleaned, deshelled  and roasted cocoa beans, which are ground into fine mass. Made of various West African blends or from single origin source, cocoa liquor choice is the main decisive factor what flavor will the chocolate have.

Deodorized cocoa butter

Cocoa butter.jpg

Smooth release

Nowadays chocolate industry is getting more used to deodorized cocoa butter instead of natural cocoa butter as an addition to chocolate to improve the texture, smooth mouthfeel and flavor release. Deodorized cocoa butter has a very mild flavor of cocoa, allowing the producers to focus on the quality of cocoa mass. Good crystallization behavior help for easier tempering and fast solidification.

Natural cocoa powder

Cocoa Powder

Make anything taste cocoa

Natural cocoa powder can be used in so many applications, that it became one of the most used and versatile ingredients in the food industry. Made during a special process of grinding or pulverizing cocoa cake, particles of cocoa powder are of a size below 75 micron. Natural powders can vary as well depending on bean source, quality and processing technology. Our experts will offer the best option for your application.

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Alkalized cocoa powder

Cocoa powder.jpg

The right solution

Alkalized or dutched cocoa powder is specially treated in alkalizing reactor to improve flavor and color profiles. Due to slightly acidic origin of cocoa, the alkalizing helps to push the pH up to alkaline side, as well greatly improving the color to vibrant brown and even reddish tints and intensifying the cocoa flavor. Depending on application, the powder can be low, medium and highly alkalized. For certain application the powder can be alkalized above normal range to make it black.

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Specialty fats

Cocoa butter substitute (CBS)


Smart alternative

Cocoa butter substitutes originate from lauric fats. Our cocoa butter substitute is produced either from palm kernel oil or coconut oil and is a great alternative to substitute cocoa butter in some applications. Our premium CBS is made of hydrogenated palm kernel stearin and has similar melting profile as cocoa butter, no waxy mouthfeel, provides a glossy texture and good snap and is great for molding or enrobing and has advantage that no tempering is required.

Cocoa butter equivalent (CBE)


Great addition

Cocoa butter equivalents are usually made from shea stearin and palm mid fraction and is a beneficial addition for cocoa butter. It is tempered fat and blends well with cocoa butter. Recently due to industry demand palm-free options were introduced. Our experts will provide you with best possible solution for your needs.

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